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Download Touchgrind BMX MOD APK

Touchgrind BMX MOD APK v1.37 (Unlocked Maps/Bikes)

App Name Touchgrind BMX
Publisher Illusion Labs
Genre Simulation
Size 126M
Latest Version 1.37
MOD Info Unlocked Maps/Bikes
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Download Touchgrind BMX MOD APK: Illusion Labs is a rather creative game publisher when they always use the simplest materials to create their products. Their games have different colors than similar products so they are always enthusiastically supported by their fans. For example, with a simple game, they can think of customizations like none other. Have you ever played movie games related to BMX bike racing? It is one of the adventure games enjoyed by many young people. It is both an outdoor game when it comes to advocating for players to exercise their bodies while giving a feeling of extreme excitement when it comes to challenging challenges. In fact, these performances always look at risk factors that can hurt you, but people still ignore it because it stimulates all the senses of the player.

Extreme sports action

There is a simple thing like this if you love this sport but because of some conditions that you can not go straight to the training ground to join with your friends, then play game making about the topic. there it is. Although this advice may seem a bit useless, at least it can meet your passion for a certain instant. “Illusion Labs” also has a product related to this topic, and it actually uses the infinite creativity of the design team. When you participate in the Touchgrind BMX offering will see all the quintessence of this game, the gameplay also contains a creative that you will have to surprise. Because really, I haven’t used that mechanism for my game before.

True physics

Temporarily not mentioning gameplay, including using graphics also shows us a worthy investment by this game publisher for our products. “Touchgrind BMX” always gives players the feeling of fun and the most attractive through the images they use. The first is the scenery in the game is using the most advanced graphics technology to fully simulate this world. With the familiar BMX performances, you probably will have to go to the private training ground designed for it. There is little chance that you will be able to go to real places to perform those performances. Basically, it will endanger yourself and those around you. Besides, everything has to operate and business so probably no one will allow you to use that space.

But for Touchgrind BMX game, you can go anywhere in the world to do what you like. You can head to the rooftop of a high-rise building and use your bike to perform. If you’re bored then go up the mountain and find a dangerous trail. With the hard skills you can do, everyone will probably admire it. Aside from backgrounds that provide a tool for you to show off your abilities, bicycles are definitely the protagonist. In this game, you will not control any character at all but directly control the bike. (bike moves by itself – just like horror movies !! J4F). The game will offer many different types of bicycles and describe its dynamics. In general, the operation mechanism of a bicycle is much simpler than motorcycles and cars, but BMX requires much more stringent structures. Because when you do the difficult movements will put enormous pressure on the frame. “Touchgrind BMX” can accurately describe and make players feel like it is describing Real Physics.

Stunning 3D graphics and realistic sound

For example, games of the same genre, your bike will be automated and you can only control its movement direction. It means that you only need to use one finger to freely play the game. But for “Touchgrind BMX”, it requires players to use a completely different control technique when you have to put two fingers on the screen. Now you’re describing the two most important points of a BMX and figuring out how to control it by moving in different directions. This distinct mechanism will allow you to perform extremely difficult movements such as flips, barspins, 360s, tailwhips, etc. Basically, the only limit is to prevent you from performing these movements. incredibles is your imagination. Only the movements that you dare to think and dare to experiment can implement it. Never limit yourself to a game that values ​​creativity like this.

A long series of enticing extreme simulators, quite a long time conquering devices on the iPhone OS, eventually released on Android to allow gamers to play this exciting video game.

Touchgrind BMX – the original game of the series, which appeared on Android systems, where gamers will have to become a real raider, feeling the sea of realism on their own skin. There are many things that are of great importance: Bicycle model, weather conditions, road surface, everything to the smallest detail.

Several dozens of difficult cards on the planet, the diversity of Bicycle equipment, a large number of sorts of combos, improved graphics effects and good gaming soundtracks, in other words, the video game contains everything you need dezvaluie to consider it one of the best arcade games.

This is confirmed, for example, high ratings in the online store App Store, even despite the slightly inflated price. The game has a very unusual control system, similar to skateboarding simulator, in connection with which users will first go through a lot of training levels. Fixed various bugs and other dilemmas, as well as unlocking all the bike equipment and many locations.


Download Touchgrind BMX (MOD, Unlocked Maps/Bikes)



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