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Punch Hero MOD APK 1.3.7 (Unlimited Money)

Punch Hero MOD APK 1.3.7 (Unlimited Money)


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Download Punch Hero MOD APK: If you are an old gamer who used to stick with your Nintendo system in the 80s, we will know about the Punch-Out- the famous boxing game among old generations. Punch Hero game is a game from Gamevil.

And it is another version of the Punch-Out except for bright 3D graphics and the engaging gameplay. This game did not change much compared to its predecessor 30 years ago.

People call Punch Hero a junk game because, in Punch Hero, you will have to face a soccer player, samurai, and sometimes the soul of a deceased pirate. However, it is also a strong point that makes this game funnier and more attractive.

Let learn more about this funny boxing game with our detailed review of the Punch Hero below.


Let’s train your strength, hook punches and uppercuts at the Training Center, while accumulating special skills and power moves in the Skill Store. With Fun 3D graphics, Punch Hero is highly addictive. And this game can present a tough challenge for those who have accidentally touched it.

Like Punch-Out, Punch Hero has no plot and doesn’t need a plot. You will name your character and enter Arcade Mode. Players will have to fight with 18 opponents, and new challenges will appear every time you defeat the enemy.

The competitors don’t come with excellent reflective skill. But at least they won’t disappoint you. IN arcade mode, you will have to face the soccer player, samurai, and maybe a deceased pirate’s soul. Each opponent has a unique style of play, and players will need to recognize and find ways to fight back by exploiting their weaknesses.

None of your opponents are following by the rules. And if you want to win, you must master the necessary skills such as “Jabs,” “Hooks,” Uppercuts, Block, and weave. Quick reflexes are one of the needed elements in this game.


Simple Gameplay

In Punch Hero, you must beat 22 fighters. Each of them comes as a different character with different strong and weak points. And your job is to find out their weak points to beat them. Of course, you have to be fluent in boxing skills.

The result of the match depends on your defensive and offensive skills. If you win, you can receive the gold reward. And you can use this gold to buy new skills, customs, and training for the upcoming match. Of course, if you are good enough, your level will be raised with more skills, customs, and more vigorous opponents.

If you want to shorten the time, you can buy the in-app purchases to buy stuff sooner. However, we don’t think it is necessary because you can only buy the next level’s customs.

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User-friendly Developing

What we like most about Punch Hero is user-friendly design. It is effortless to control that even kids can play with no difficulty. Of course, we don’t recommend this game for kids because it is a little bit violent.

Back to the Punch Hero, you only need to swipe left if you want to execute hocks, taps for jabs, make upward swipes if you want to make an uppercut. And if you want to put up the guard, you need to press for a few seconds on the screens.

Besides, there are many movements that you can make by the only touch and move your hands on the screen. For example, you must tap the screen quickly every time you are knocked down to stand back. This game is perfect for quick reflex and eyes-hands combination.

Enjoy the Real Boxing

If you pay attention, you will see this game has quite a good simulation of boxing techniques. We love the way developers slow down when you dodge a punch. And sometimes it isn’t effortless if you want to level up quickly because you have to master the skills first.

Besides, this is also a game where you will learn the specialized terms of boxing. Except for some weird opponents, the description, sounds, and actions in this game are genuine. Therefore, it is best for boxing lovers with no doubt.

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Game Mode

Punch Hero has two modes: single-player and two players. In particular, the single-player does not require Wifi or internet. You can play it offline, and the system will count your battle result. And in the single-player mode, you will fight with a different fighter to win the highest rank.

Each player has different stats, but later on, the boxers are quite more substantial than the player’s index to increase the difficulty. And it forces the player to have some tactics.

However, if you want to play with your partner, you must play online. With the two-player mode, you can chat with your partner. But we don’t think this feature is helpful because your hands will always be busy with the moves.

Lastly, you have no option except for the “arcade” mode. It is not a big problem for starter or amateur players because the arcade option is enough for them. However, if you are a professional gamer, it is not as fun as you expect. So, we suggest that you should not expect much to this Punch Boxing 3D game.

Visual and Sound Quality

Graphics Design

Punch Hero graphics are only at an average level; Of course, it is impossible to reach the level of a monument such as Infinity Blade or Dungeon Defenders. If you are interested in the graphics in games of Gamevil, Punch Hero will not make you too disappointed.

The only highlight of the graphics design in the game is hundreds of different characters. Punch Hero is a boxing game, but your opponents are not necessary a boxer. And the developer team was creative when designing hundreds of different characters with funny identifying characteristics.

Besides, the facial expressions are also the attraction of Punch Hero, especially when they get hit. It was hilarious, and it made gamers very interested.

If you want a professional graphic design, this game is not the first choice for you. But if you want something funny for entertaining, there is nothing better than Punch Hero.

Sound Effects

The audio system is also cared for by the manufacturers. For example, the game’s soundtrack is good, and the opponent screams when a hit is perfect.

If you ask the most crucial feature of Punch Hero, the answer must be a sound effect. And sound effect is also the thing we like most in this game. All of them are done in a very thoughtful and funny way.

Also, you can adjust the game volume easily and mute when necessary. However, Punch Hero without sound is not a Punch Hero anymore. So please remember to bring your headphones!

Punch Hero Logo

Punch Hero is an arcade-boxing simulator where battles with great boxers await you. Make your way from a rookie and become a world star by winning epic battles against skilled enemies. Your main task is to upgrade your boxer in order to knock out opponents and move up the career ladder on the way to the top. “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” – said the great Muhammad Ali, and these are the words you see when you start Punch Hero. The game requires you not only to punch your opponents, but also to dodge their insidious attacks.

Train to become stronger and equip your fighter to take more damage. Learn new attacks and combinations or use a super punch that can send your opponent to the floor. In the end, challenge zombies to make money and hone your combat skills. By the way, if you love sports games, then check out soccer manager simulator Soccer Stars or try yourself as an experienced skater in True Skate.


Punch Hero has gained popularity among gamers from all over the world. Check out its main features


The game won’t let you get bored, because the gameplay can please you with dozens of interesting fights with a variety of opponents. During the battle, you need to make accurate strikes, move around the ring and protect from the opponent’s attacks. Enjoy smooth gameplay and knock out all enemies.

Punch Hero Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 1.3.8


Punch Hero developers implemented interesting technology, thanks to which you can create a fighter as much as possible like yourself. With the help of rather deep character customization, you can create a truly unique boxer. Moreover, if you decide to make him your copy, then just send your photo and edit the fighter according to your opinion.


For victories in battles, you earn money that you can spend on improving your characteristics. Head to the gym and upgrade your punching power, mental ability and health. Since with each new battle, the rivals are getting stronger, improving the character is simply necessary.


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