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Download Crashlands MOD APK

Crashlands MOD APK android 100.0.24

Crashlands MOD APK android 100.0.24

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Category : Adventure , Games

Developer : Butterscotch Shenanigans

Version : 100.0.24

Required OS : 5.0 and up

MOD Feature : all resources

Google Play : PlayStore

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Crashlands MOD APK Android 100.0.24 Screenshot


Download Crashlands MOD APK: Create, fight and venture through the Crashlands, a bizarre story filled with sass!

Play as Flux Dabes, a galactic truck driver whose last shipment was derailed by an alien threat named Hewgodooko with the chin, leaving you on an alien planet. As you attempt to retrieve your packages, you’ll find yourself embroiled in a nefarious plot for world domination that will require all your wits and both buttocks to overcome. Learn recipes from local life, make new friends, discover ancient secrets and deadly bosses, tame everything and build a home away from home as you learn how to thrive on the planet Woanope.


* Expansive manufacturing system
Unlock over 500 possible items as you discover the world and learn its secrets!

* Self-management, infinite stock
In Crashlands, your inventory is endless, managing and retrieving tools on its own when you need them, so you can focus on your adventure, completing tasks, and building. You’ll never have to dig through your bag or go back to base to free up inventory space!

Crashlands has long been a familiar name for players who love adventure and survival genres. Inspired by another popular name, Don’t Starve, a survival game is rated overwhelmed positively on all platforms. In Crashlands, you will experience adventures to mystery lands, confront powerful enemies, and hidden mysteries everywhere. Like other games in the same genre, your task will be to collect countless items in the game, craft, and build to survive in different heat.


Crashlands also takes you into a fantasy world, where you will encounter ferocious creatures you cannot imagine, strange lands, and countless other things like coming from the future. If you are a player who loves adventure, survival and has a bit of science fiction theme, this will be a very suitable game for you. It promises to bring players a lot of interesting experiences that no other game can do.


Crashlands is a survival adventure game that incorporates a bit of element from RPG games. Like most other games in the same genre, you will constantly explore and collect useful items in the game to create more useful items. The ingredients in this game are scattered everywhere, arranged from common to rare to serve different purposes. After collecting enough materials, you can use them to craft powerful tools or weapons, or even sturdy armor.


This equipment needs to upgrade during the game to become more and more powerful. You will also face many different enemies; enemies from strong to weak are always dangers that always threaten your life. The game’s world is vast for you to freely explore, explore the game’s plot, or do sidequests to understand more about the other characters in this game.

Infinite Inventory

Unlike other games of the same genre, most of those games will give players a separate inventory with limited storage capacity. However, the game Crashlands has provided the player with an infinite bag of items, which can hold all the items the player can collect. Crashlands wants players to have the best adventure experience, be able to craft items without having to return home or throw away the leftovers. The player does not need to worry about the character’s inventory, making the adventure of playing more and more immersive and engaging.


Combat system

With Crashlands, you will have to face powerful enemies, tall and extremely ferocious monsters. You will have to learn, understand, and memorize the movements you can easily dodge, take advantage of, and quickly finish them. However, with the appearance of many special species in the game, players will have to spend a lot of time to be able to encounter all of them to bring their sheep to victory.

Tame the wild creatures

In Crashlands, you can find the creature’s eggs. Take it and bring it to your base; wait till those eggs are hatches, you will have powerful pets. Those pets can help you fight the enemies, follow, and willing to protect you.


Base building

Crashlands offers you many useful items, besides the game providing you with sturdy construction materials. You can build a solid base or a beautiful house with full amenities. Crashlands also gives you many machines with many different functions, making it easy to build or craft necessary items.


The game uses 2D gentle graphics. However, the artifacts, worlds, and items in the game are portrayed very interestingly and vividly. With 2D graphics, the game gives players an attractive and interesting game that is not inferior to other games with the same genre. As a game requiring common configuration, Crashlands can be easily downloaded on any phone, making the game a game accessible to mobile users.


As a survival adventure game, Crashlands brings players to a world of science fiction, and players can freely do what they want. With outstanding features and classic gameplay but very attractive, this will be the game that you will want to try if you are a player who loves this game genre. The game is being developed and updated by the developer, promising to become the best survival adventure game on any platform. Download “Crashlands” now and start your adventure.

Download Crashlands (MOD, Unlimited Resource)


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