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Banana Kong APK + MOD (Unlimited Bananas/Hearts) v1.9.7.3

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Name Banana Kong
ID com.fdgentertainment.bananakong
Publisher FDG Entertainment
Genre Action
MOD Features Unlimited Bananas/Hearts
Size 74M
Price FREE

Banana Kong: A fat monkey racing with banana peel landslide

Classic platformer game but make you addicted at any time

Download Banana Kong APK MOD: Banana Kong, a ridiculous but graceful storyline, the gameplay truly is born for mobile. Mobile game addicts often play various genres, and one of the addicting genres is endless run, without stopping like Banana Kong. As for smartphone users who sometimes open one game to kill time, they have to try Banana Kong once. Because it’s extremely entertaining.

Banana Kong for Android

Banana Kong’s plot is ridiculous, but it was so graceful that I don’t want to retort it. Kong is a cute pudgy monkey. One day, he was wandering about looking for bananas to eat, there was a loud noise behind him. He looked back. A big landslide was coming right behind his ass. But this is a banana peel mountain that can crush everything, making our Kong frightened. So he frantically ran as fast as possible.

On the run, Kong does not forget to eat bananas to maintain health, nourish energy to upgrade his strength, change his dress, or learn more skills to overcome obstacles. And of course, the road is full of obstacles like rivers, crocodiles, abyss, falling rain, rocks …

Kill time, but it can make you feel excited

The plot and situation are just that. But if you really focus on the game, you will find yourself becoming an addict at times. Because in addition to the “main dishes”, the developer also cleverly put in a series of “side dishes” that make you fall in love.

To increase the excitement level, Kong will have a few friends along the way who will help our monkey through a difficult time on the run. Birds help Kong fly over the abyss. Boars help Kong run away from the enemy very fast…

Banana Kong MOD APK download

And to increase the level of stimulus for the player one more time, the developer has cleverly integrated many terrains in a game scene, such as just running in the tunnel, then facing the green forest, then have to cross a small stretch of river to reach the other bank … Thanks to that, each run is not boring, sometimes even a sudden brain strain. The deeper you play, the harder the obstacles, the variety of terrain, and the speed of the banana peel mountains behind you increase, so the player will have to speed up all the way and take great care to pass the scene without chipping at all.

Not yet, the more bananas Kong can eat along the way, the more energy bars increase. Full energy can be turned into special powers such as high jump, long-range to cross obstacles more easily. Or bananas can also be used to accumulate upgrades. Some skills need to be upgraded, such as running, jumping, launching, swimming, and using magnets to suck bananas. Upgrading appearance from items bought in shops along the road such as hair, hats, glasses, shoes, jackets …

Cute graphics, catchy music

The music is not too varied but extremely catchy. The rhythm changes flexibly and reasonably, increasing the feeling of suspense and a little rush so that you always remember that “don’t just worry about eating bananas, right behind you, the mountain of banana peels it is about to overflow.”

Banana Kong MOD by APKMODY

Another part explaining the appeal of Banana Kong is the graphics. Baby Kong is chubby and lovely. He has a big belly, and the movement is very smooth and cute. Whether on land, in the river, or the air, the green forest landscape is very delicate, simple, and green.

The details on the background are arranged reasonably, just right, and the color scheme is smart. This is a point that I like very much in Banana Kong, if you haven’t played, just look at it, you’ve seen a lot of fun. It’s like reliving the feeling of playing a game when you were a kid.

MOD APK version of Banana Kong

MOD feature

Unlimited Bananas/Hearts

You have a lot in the game.

Features of the Banana Kong Mod Apk:

  • The platforms in the modern times are created in such a manner that they end up being uninstalled by the android user very quickly. This happens because the platform is created with a limited gaming content. After some use, the platform becomes boring and repetitive and thus the platform gets uninstalled. To solve this crisis, the makers have designed the platform with a unique gameplay which is created to test the skills and abilities of the android user in challenging gaming environment.
  • The platforms these days are created with complex gaming controls. It means that the android user needs to have some level of technical knowledge in order to enjoy the platform to its full potential. The makers made sure to solve this problem and created this platform with the best user interface. The platform can be enjoyed by every type of android user with utmost ease without having any consideration of the technical knowledge.
  • Has it ever happened with you that you are playing a platform at a crucial stage and suddenly the platform crashes and the only option that is left with the android user is to start the platform from the scratch. To solve it, the makers have designed the platform with the option of having cloud storage which means that the android user can save the platform on one device and can continue the platform with another device right from the same stage without any troubles.
  • The platform is designed with the latest innovation in the graphics sector in the form of high quality HD graphics. There is not one instance where the android user feels as if the android user is feeling that they are playing a virtual platform. The platform is created to offer the android user with the best gaming experience by offering them with a real life like gameplay for free of charge. The platform is taken to another level with the benefit of HD graphics.

What’s more in the Banana Kong Mod Apk?

The android user can get the platform changing advantage of getting a never ending supply of bananas. It will mean that the android user will be able to take down all the difficult challenges with the utmost ease. The android user will be able to beat the toughest of the opponents and climb up to the top of the ladder to become the best android user out there. The android user will be able to enjoy the platform to its full potential right at the starting stages. The benefit makes the mod apk a better choice for the android user.



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